March 25

Instant Messaging Apps that values Privacy and Security


There have been mixed emotions and voices with regards to the privacy and safety of users’ data on platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg – especially WhatsApp and Facebook.

A recent update to WhatsApp’s privacy policy states that that all the Metadata of its users can be shared with other apps – meaning that WhatsApp will monitor a user’s online activity, save for the conversations which are end-to-end encrypted. 

This policy will be effected on the latest update to the application, which must be downloaded and accepted by all users by May 15,  2021.

This has caused panic among several users, so here are some alternatives to try to remain secure on the social media network.

Messaging Apps that respect your Privacy 

If you intend to quit WhatsApp for another social media application, here is a list of applications that are secure, and you should totally try out:

  • Signal: Ranked by many as the most secure Instant Messaging application, Signal makes this top spot because it doesn’t store any form of user data, its codebase is open-source, and most of all, is endorsed by Edward Snowden – a former CIA agent who revealed how the CIA “infringes” on the privacy of US citizens
  • Telegram – This is one of the more secure popular browsers available for download, ranking 4th on the list of most secure applications. Its latest update allows you to export chats from another application, preserving your message history.
  • Threema – Threema prides itself on its security, as it comes with a feature that permanently deletes any message after it has been viewed by the recipient.
  • iMessage – is a very popular messaging application, that allows the user the rights to control read receipts, as well as limit the number of times the recipient can view the message. The only hindrance is its limitation to iOS devices.

Besides switching applications, below are some ways to ensure privacy online.

Other ways to maintain your online privacy

  • VPNs – connecting your devices to a VPN to encrypt your connection while browsing is a key way to ensure privacy, especially when you are on public Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Safe Browsers – another good way to ensure privacy online is by using browsers that ensure security, browsers like Firefox that block all sites from tracking user Metadata.
  • Limit Information – while communicating with people online, especially with unfamiliar persons, avoid sharing personal information as it could get exposed.


Online safety is really important, especially with the growing number of daily cyberattacks. The above tips should help secure you online.


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