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MEPs back EU-US Umbrella Agreement on data exchanges for law enforcement purposes

EU Parliament on December 1, 2016 voted to back the EU-US Umbrella Agreement on data protection in exchanges for law enforcement purposes.?Agreement covers the transfer of all personal data exchanged between the EU and US regarding?criminal offences.

The deal is to?ensure high, binding data protection standards in the?data exchanged.?The Agreement itself is not a?legal basis for data transfers, but protects those data that are already exchanged legally, says?Parliament’s lead MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht.

Umbrella?Agreement?will ensure citizens in?both in EU and US?have equal rights to:

– be informed in the event of data security breaches,

– have inaccurate information corrected and

– judicial redress at court.

The Agreement also sets limits on onward transfers of data and retention periods.

Source: MEPs back EU-US data protection deal on exchanges for law enforcement purposes

Dutch police seize VPN provider’s servers without any explanation

Dutch police have seized two servers belonging to?Switzerland-based VPN provider?Perfect Privacy.?The VPN provider claims that Dutch police haven’t?informed or?contacted them about the reason servers were seized and about seizure they were informed by their hosting provider.?Despite the seizure of servers,?Perfect Privacy promises that no?user data was compromised.

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