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Microsoft on their win aigainst US

Recently?Microsoft?won a closely-watched case against US Department of Justice on disclosure of European customer data. In that case?US court of appeals ruled that US search warrants do not reach our customers? data stored abroad. In this article?Microsoft explains their motivation fighting this case and why they think it’s a big deal.

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Microsoft expands right-to-be-forgotten filtering for Bing in Europe

Recently Microsoft has revealed that it is expanding the coverage of ?right to be forgotten? mechanism in Europe. Microsoft will now use location signals such as IP addresses to delist URLs on all versions of its search engine Bing.

If someone in France successfully requests delisting of a URL on Bing, in addition to delisting that URL from all applicable European versions of Bing, Bing will now also delist that URL for all searches of that person?s name ? regardless of what version of Bing is being used ? if the search originates from a location within France.

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