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Irish Data Protection Commissioner to examine Yahoo

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner is?stepping up its examination of the Yahoo Inc. data breach and is awaiting information from Yahoo regarding?allegations on?scanning of users’ emails for?US government.

In September Yahoo confessed that in 2014 hackers had stolen the data of?500 million users.?But just month later Yahoo was accused in using?software checking?millions of emails for specific information related to national security.

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Irish DPC issues guidance on anonymisation and pseudonymisation

In August 2016, Data Protection Commissioner (?DPC?) of Ireland published guidance on the use of data anonymisation and pseudonymisation.?Guidance provides recommendations on effective use of anonymisation and pseudonymisation techniques.

Anonymisation and pseudonymisation techniques help organisations to better comply with security requirements of data protection law. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) encourages organisations to use pseudonymisation techniques while effectively and irreversibly anonymised data is not ?personal data? and the data protection principles do not to?such data.

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