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The Shadow Brokers publish NSA spy tools

A hackers group that calls itself the Shadow Brokers recently published on web and made accessible to everyone sophisticated hacking and surveillance tools. They claim that those tools come come from breach of NSA.

Released hacking tools exploit vulnerabilities in software that the vendor doesn?t know about (so called “zero day vulnerabilities”) and thus haven’t fixed – making everyone using this software a potential target. Published tools revel that United States government has been hacking for decades without big attention.

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Spotify forces users change their passwords – because other companies keep getting hacked

Spotify is making some users reset their passwords and the?reason is?- other websites keep getting hacked.?There have been numerous huge data breaches affecting tens of millions of users.

Situation is even worse because of the fact that many people re-use their passwords across many services. So breach of one service where password was?re-used?compromises other sites and services as login details obtained on one service?can be used to gain illicit access to accounts on other services and websites.

Therefore Spotify is forcing users whose details were exposed in some of these previous breaches to change their passwords.

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Privacy expert’s tips for preventing visual hacking

“Visual hacking”?is?spying on physical items: like overlooking someone’s?computer or mobile screen, desk, paper documents. These attacks are hard to notice and detect when it does happen. Kate Borten of the Visual Privacy Advisory Council shares her tips on how to secure against?visual hacking.

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