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Free GDPR app


Free EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) app is now available for iPhone and iPad users (unfortunately there is no Android version). With this app you always will have instant access to all the articles and recitals of GDPR. GDPR app is created by DPOrganizer in collaboration with the Swedish Data Protection Forum.

Download free GDPR iPhone and iPad App

Download free GDPR app

Autonomous cars and data protection


Gowling WLG recently published whitepaper “Are you data driven?” on autonomous and connected vehicles. It was prepared for UK Autodrive – leading technology and automotive businesses consortium – and explores how data protection issues – particularly the newly published General Data Protection Regulation – will affect innovation in autonomous and connected vehicles sector.

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EDPS annual report (2015)


Today European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) released annual report for year 2015, reviewing what has been achieved and what will be focus further.

The EDPS focused considerable efforts in 2015 on ensuring the successful adoption of new and effective data protection rules, providing legislators with detailed recommendations in the form of an app. He now turns his attention to the successful implementation of these rules and the reform of the current Regulation, which will apply to the work of the EDPS and the other EU institutions and bodies.


Dynamic IP addresses as personal data


Question about IP addresses as personal data is bit tricky.

IP address (short for Internet Protocol address) is a unique numerical label assigned to an information technology device (e.g., a computer or smartphone) participating in a network using the Internet Protocol system to identify itself and communicate with other devices. IP addresses can be static or dynamic. Static IP addresses are assigned to device permanently while dynamic IP addresses is reassigned every time every time the device is booted. Today IP addresses are mostly assigned dynamically.

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Privacy in cloud – findings

Privacy and services in cloud is a hot topic now. With GDPR now adopted some are afraid that new privacy regulation in Europe will kill the cloud quickly. Although it is doubtful cloud services will cease to exist because of regulation nevertheless compliance with privacy and data protection regulation will leave an impact. Therefore it is no surprise two big law firms – Eversheds and Baker & Mckenzie – recently published their reports on cloud services.

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Global Surveillance Law Comparison

bm-surveillance-law-guideRecently Baker & McKenzie released Global Surveillance Law Comparison Map – a global overview of current government surveillance and data access practices in 39 countries. It features Heat Maps that display jurisdictional information on the following:

  • Surveillance for an Economic Purpose
  • Data Subject Notifications
  • Right to Court Review
  • Publicised Cases
  • Challenge to Orders
  • Liability for Disclosure

Guide is accessible both online and downloadable as PDF document here: