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Dynamic IP address is personal data, rules CJEU

Yesterday (October 19, 2016) the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its judgment in case Patrick Breyer v. Bundesrepublik Deutschland, in which court recognizes that dynamic IP addresses registered by websites are personal data. CJEU followed the Opinion of the Advocate General delivered earlier this year.

In its decision CJEU concluded that website operators and other online services providers would have the means to identify the website user and that there is reasonable probability that such means be used, e.g. in case of cyber attacks. Therefore dynamic IP addresses shall be considered personal data.

Read press release and full text of judgement.

Teen sues parents for publishing her childhood photos on Facebook

A teenage girl in Austria is suing her parents requiring them to remove her childhood photos from Facebook. She claims that publication of those pictures has intimidated her and violated her privacy.

Girl has repeatedly asked parents to remove her pictures from social network but without success. So she decided to bring the case to court once she turned 18.

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Microsoft on their win aigainst US

Recently Microsoft won a closely-watched case against US Department of Justice on disclosure of European customer data. In that case US court of appeals ruled that US search warrants do not reach our customers’ data stored abroad. In this article Microsoft explains their motivation fighting this case and why they think it’s a big deal.

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Dynamic IP addresses as personal data


Question about IP addresses as personal data is bit tricky.

IP address (short for Internet Protocol address) is a unique numerical label assigned to an information technology device (e.g., a computer or smartphone) participating in a network using the Internet Protocol system to identify itself and communicate with other devices. IP addresses can be static or dynamic. Static IP addresses are assigned to device permanently while dynamic IP addresses is reassigned every time every time the device is booted. Today IP addresses are mostly assigned dynamically.

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